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February 2, 2021
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5 Kenmore Stove Troubleshooting Tips

Kenmore electric stove view

5 Kenmore Stove Troubleshooting Tips

If you own one, you already know that your Kenmore stove, oven, or cooktop is an elite, meal-prepping machine, capable of delivering near instantaneous heat for all high-quality cooking performance and mouth-watering meals you can dream of! 

But even the best-quality home appliances need a bit of tender love and care from time to time to help keep them in shape over the years. 

Below, we’ll take a look at 5 maintenance and troubleshooting tips for keeping your Kenmore appliance working at its full capacity for as long as possible!

Gas Burner Fails To Light

When you have a gas stovetop that fails to light, you most often have a weak, reduced or blocked gas flow, or any igniter switch that is no longer working. 

However, before troubleshooting either of these issues, it’s important to first make sure that your Kenmore appliance is properly plugged in and that the power is turned on at your home’s main electrical panel. 

Next, you’ll want to make sure that your burner cap is properly positioned, and that it’s not dirty or covered in grease or oil residue. 

Spills and splashes often happen during cooking, and when these messes aren’t cleaned from your burner caps, they can sometimes block the gas ports, which can prevent you from being able to properly ignite your burners. 

If you’re only dealing with a single gas burner that won’t light, and you’ve ruled out the issue being caused by a dirty or misaligned burner cap, you might be dealing with a faulty igniter.

Gas Stove Top Keeps Clicking

Range igniter

When you attempt to ignite your burners, you should hear the igniter click a few times while it attempts to produce a small spark to ignite your flame. 

However, when the flow of gas isn’t strong enough, if the burner cap is misaligned, or if the igniter is on the verge of failure, you might hear it click repeatedly without producing a spark or lighting your burner. 

In this case, the igniter’s electrodes are likely defective, which is preventing the component from producing the spark that you need. 

The good news is that replacing a faulty igniter is a relatively common, straightforward, and affordable repair, that can either be done by yourself, or you can feel free to contact a local appliance repair company for expert help in your area.

Gas Stove Burner Turns Off By Itself

Kenmore stove thermal switch

When you’re dealing with burners that turn off on their own, it’s most likely either being caused by a reduced flow of gas or by faulty thermal switch. 

Once again, if your burner caps are dirty, it may impede the flow of gas, which can cause the burner to cut out randomly during use. This issue is most often accompanied by a weak or noticeable uneven flame. 

So start by making sure that your cooktop and burner caps are, in fact, cleaned and not clogged up. 

Alternately, you may be dealing with a faulty thermal switch, which is telling the stove to turn itself off for no reason. 

However, when dealing with any faulty internal components, diagnosing the source of the issue can be a bit tricky. A trained appliance technician will likely use a multimeter tool to test the stove’s circuitry to find out which components are at fault.

Electric Heating Element Is Not Heating Up

Problems With the Control Knobs

Kenmore electric stove heating element

Most often a heating element that won’t produce any heat is caused by a faulty element. 

However, this common problem may also be caused by an issue with your power source, your stove’s built-in fuses, or even an internal wiring issue. 

Therefore, start by making sure that there are no built-in fuses or breakers that have been tripped. Referring yourself to your stove’s owners manual may be required for this. 

If you’re dealing with a conventional electric stove, you should be able to remove the malfunctioning element, and can try replacing it with another element that you know is working properly. 

If the swapped element works, it’s a sure-fire sign that you simply need a new element. 

On the other hand, flat top or glass top stove have built-in electric elements that can be a bit trickier to diagnose and replace. 

So if you’re having trouble with a Kenmore glass top stove, don’t hesitate to reach out to Denver Appliance Pros for quick and efficient repairs in your area!

Kenmore knobs

Your unit’s control knobs and buttons tend to get the most wear and tear since they get used virtually every time that you use the appliance. In other words, it’s not uncommon to occasionally need to replace these components. 

Many times, you’ll be dealing with a cracked or broken control knob, which is very easy to replace even without any prior appliance repair experience. 

Other times, however, you may have a broken switch or a broken internal knob shaft, which tends to be a bit trickier to replace.  

And either way, it’s good to know that help is only a quick call away!

Denver Appliance Pros To The Rescue!

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