Cooktop Repair in Denver

Traditionally, ovens and cooktops were considered some of the most important cooking appliances and were a necessary part of any kitchen. While microwave ovens gained well-deserved popularity in the recent years, the popularity of more traditional cooktops is far from declining. Modern cooktops come in three most common types – with electric, gas, and induction heating elements. While all these cooktops are structurally different, we are glad to announce that Denver Appliance serves all types of cooking appliances – including gas, electric and slightly rarer induction cook- and stovetops!

We have encountered a wide range of various cooktop issues – with both electric and gas appliances. Some of the most common are:

  • Electric heating element won’t heat
  • Igniter won’t spark
  • Igniter sparks, but the gas burner won’t light
  • Burner doesn’t turn off
  • Electric cooktop won’t start


Electric Heating Element Won’t Heat

This problem, in particular, concerns the situation when only a single heating element in the cooktop is not heating up. In case none of the elements is working, you most likely have a problem with a fuse, a control board or even the power outlet itself.


Faulty Heating Element

The problem may lie in a faulty heating element itself – while the surface elements are made to last, it is worth remembering that they are subjected to high temperatures, and rapid cooling of the heating element may damage it. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to check if the heating element is at fault by simply examining it visually.

Cooktop heating coil

Damaged Heating Element’s Receptacle

The healing element receptacle is located under the heating element itself. In case the receptacle is malfunctioning, there may be visible burns on the surface. The plastic parts might be burnt or melted.

Heating Element's Receptacle

Broken Knob

Sometimes the problem may be with the knob itself. Unfortunately, most of the time it will be necessary to replace the whole knob assembly. There is no way to conduct simple visual diagnostics, however, if you feel that the knob seems to be stuck or turns too easily you might indeed have to replace the knob or knob assembly.

Set of cooktop knobs

Faulty Control Board

The control board has a complex system of relays that regulate the power supply to the burner. Sometimes the control board may be burnt due to short or other damage. There are various symptoms, which may indicate that the control board of your appliance in malfunctioning, due to the complexity of the system. While several, but not all of the cooktop’s heating elements are not working, you may have to have a look at the control board.

Cooktop Control Board

Loose or Burnt Wire Connection

While this type of fault is relatively rare in modern cooktops it may still occur due to an assembly mistake or simple mechanical damage, such as a dent. A shorted wire may not only prevent your heating element from working, but also lead to multiple burns and faults in your appliance, so it is recommended to check it carefully in case your cooktop was indeed shorted.

Wire connection

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Igniter Won’t Spark

The igniter is part of most modern gas stoves, which allows the stove to ignite (and reignite) the gas. If you turn the knob and hear a soft hiss, as well as the gas smell, but the burner fails to ignite you might have a damaged igniter assembly.

Faulty Electrode

The electrode is a visible part of the igniter that creates an arc. While it may be hard to diagnose the electrode properly without disassembling the appliance, we would still advise to examine it visually. Sometimes the electrode might fail to produce the spark in case there is food residue covering the surface.  Another possible cause can be a misplaced burner cap – make sure the cap sits on the burner properly.


Burnt Spark Module

Spark modules receive a signal from the burner switches and send high voltage to the electrode, which creates an electric arc and lights the gas. An old spark module may often burn – due to either overheating or a mechanical fault. In case there is no spark on all your burners, but you can tell that the cooktop has the power supply, the most likely cause of the fault may be the damaged spark module.

spark module

Igniter Sparks, but the Gas Burner Won’t Light

Broken Switch

In case no gas comes out of the burner, while all other burners work, you might have a problem with broken burner switch. The most common sign of this problem is that the knob turns too easily, or if it takes too much efforts to turn the knob. Unfortunately, most of the time it may be necessary to replace the whole switch assembly.

cooktop switch

Burner Is Clogged

Sometimes your burner may fail to light up due to the grease and food debris clogging the tiny holes in the burner assembly. Another common symptom of this problem is unequal burning. Sometimes it may take a lot of time for the burner to light up as well.
Simply try cleaning your appliance from the food residues. You may have to take off the burner lid as well, however, make sure neither water nor food remains fall deeper into the piping of the appliance. In addition, we would strongly recommend you to unplug your appliance before cleaning the cooktop or stovetop.

Clogged Burner

Repair Your Cooktop with Denver Appliance

Are you looking for repairing your cooktop? Give us a call and we will send a technician to diagnose and repair your appliance! There is no need to put off the repair any longer! In Denver Appliance we serve Denver and the surrounding area, including Aurora, Lakewood, Thornton, Littleton, Englewood, and other towns! We can service all types of cooktops – whether you have an electric, gas or induction appliance!

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