Range Repair in Denver

Modern-day kitchens are equipped with many appliances that make the cooking process more enjoyable and easier. The range is one of the most important appliances as it combines the stove and the oven together allowing us to cook different kinds of food. Unfortunately, some components can wear out over time, causing problems with your range. If this happens, Denver Appliance can help you. Our experienced technicians are capable to fix any problem with your range.


Here are some of the most common problems with ranges:

  • Surface element won’t turn off
  • Oven won’t bake evenly
  • Gas range burners spark all the time
  • Range does not work at all
  • Oven temperature is incorrect
  • Gas burner won’t light

Surface Element Won’t Turn Off

 If the surface element on your electric range won’t turn off, here are some of the most probable cases:

Defective surface element switch

Each surface element is controlled by its own switch. When the element reaches the designated temperature, the switch shuts off the voltage. This cycle repeats throughout the cooking process to maintain the proper temperature. However, the electrical contacts inside the switch can sometimes fuse together, causing the switch to send continuous voltage to the surface element.

surface element switch

Damaged surface element

Electric ranges have two common styles of surface elements: a conventional coil and a smooth top radiant coil. When the selector knob is turned to a heat setting, the switch allows voltage to travel to the element, closing the circuit and causing the element to heat. If the element is shorted out, it may prevent the elements switch from shutting off the voltage.

rangetop surface element

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Oven Won’t Bake Evenly

If your electric oven won’t bake evenly, here are some of the most probable cases:

Malfunctioning bake element

When you select the bake function, the oven control allows voltage to travel to the bake element, closing the circuit and causing the element to heat. A malfunctioning element could result in uneven baking.

bake element

Faulty temperature sensor

Models that have an electronic control board will use a sensor to monitor the oven temperature. When the selected temperature is reached, the oven control shuts off the voltage to the element. This cycle repeats throughout the cooking process to maintain the proper temperature. If the sensor is faulty, the voltage to the element may be shut off too early or not at all.

temperature sensor

Malfunctioning oven control board

If the sensor shows accurate resistance when tested, the oven control board itself could be malfunctioning causing the oven not to bake evenly.

oven control board

Defective temperature control thermostat

The oven control on some models is switch-based with a thermostat and sensing bulb assembly.  Similar to a control board and sensor the thermostat monitors the oven temperature and will shut off voltage to the element when the selected temperature is reached. If the oven temperature is off by more than 40°F once preheated, it is likely that the thermostat is defective or has lost its calibration, making it unable to assess the oven temperature and regulate the voltage accurately.

temperature control thermostat

Damaged convection fan motor

In a convection oven, a motor drives a fan to circulate air inside the oven cavity to maintain a consistent temperature. If the fan motor is damaged, the oven won’t bake evenly.

convection fan motor

Gas Range Burners Spark All the Time

If your gas range burners spark all the time, here are some of the most probable cases:

Faulty spark ignition switch

When the electrical contacts inside a spark-ignition switch closed, the current is allowed to travel to the spark module, which produces high voltage pulses to all of the electrodes. The pulses cause a spark to occur between the electrode and the grounded burner cap. The gas and air mixture at the burner head is ignited by the spark, which produces a flame. If the switch contacts are shorted closed, the switch will continue to send voltage to the spark module, resulting in the electrodes continuously sparking.

spark ignition switch

Malfunctioning spark module

The spark module provides power to each surface burner spark electrode. A malfunctioning module could cause the burners to spark continuously.

spark module

If the burners are sparking continuously, the oven is not baking evenly or you have any other problem with your range, Denver Appliance can help you. Our professional technicians have tons of experience in repairing various appliances. We will provide you with high-quality service at a reasonable price.

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