Freezer Repair

People do not always appreciate the wonder of having a built-in freezer in their refrigerators until they actually start purchasing a substantial amount of food in advance. Freezers are essential for long-term refrigeration of meat and meat-based products. Of course, the freeze is rarely the top-most priority whenever people are purchasing their fridges. Even then, you would not be able to imagine an appropriate full-scale kitchen without a deep-freezing unit. Whether you bought too many chicken wings or a whole bucket of ice cream – you will need a freezer to store your products properly! Before calling your freezer repair technician, try these tips to help you diagnose a malfunctioning freezer.


Here is the list of most common problems that we encounter when we work with built-in freezers:

  • Freezer freezes over
  • Freezer makes unusual noise
  • Freezer won’t start
  • The temperature is too low
  • Freezer won’t stop running
  • Freezer won’t defrost automatically
  • The door gasket is damaged and needs to be replaced


Freezer Is Too Warm

There are two points that are important to take into account if you encounter this problem. Firstly, it may take a certain time for the appliance to cool down properly once you plug it in. This period may take from 6 to 18 hours, depending on the model and the design of your appliance. Another important point to keep in mind is that if you have obtained a new refrigerator is that different models have different temperature ratings. Freezers around the world use a universal 4-star system. A 1-start freezer’s temperature won’t drop below 21 degrees Fahrenheit, and even then, the temperature decrease will happen rather gradually. A 4-star rated freezer will quickly cool down after you plug in your appliance and will go as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another important lifehack to keep in mind is that the efficiency of the freezer and refrigerator is largely defined by the way you position the food items within the chamber. The freezer will cool your food better if you leave some free space between the items to let them ventilate with the cool air. Also, as a rule, your refrigerator will freeze better if you put several items in it, instead of keeping the chamber empty.

Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat is responsible for temperature control within the chamber of your freezer. As soon as the temperature reaches a certain mark the thermostat contacts will open, stopping the compressor. If either the thermostat or its contacts become damaged, burnt or corroded the whole system might fail.


Faulty Electronic Display Board

The electronic display boards, which are sometimes referred to as user controls, adjusts and controls the temperature of the freezer. A faulty electronic display board might fail in either reading the temperature correctly or adjusting the temperature. Unfortunately, diagnosing this component is a pretty complicated matter and it is recommended to let a professional technician to handle the repair for you.

electronic display board freezer

Malfunctioning Defrost Timer

Freezers often use a defrost timer that starts a new defrost cycle once in a while. A malfunctioning defrost timer might either never trigger the defrost cycle at all or simply trigger it continuously.

defrost timer

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Freezer Builds Up Frost (Freezes Over)

The frost build-up within the freezer is a natural, yet undesirable process. In order to avoid excessive frost, your freezer occasionally runs defrost cycle. The most common cause for this problem is the lack of proper automatic defrosting.

Faulty Defrost Timer

Automatic defrosting is triggered periodically by the defrost timer. If the defrost timer never starts the problem may lie either in the defrost timer or in related contacts.

defrost timer

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Depending on the model of your appliance, some freezers use a defrost thermostat that checks the temperature within the freezer. Once the defrost cycle starts, the heating element within your freezer starts heating up the evaporator coil which is where the frost build upstarts. The malfunctioning thermostat might fail to trigger the end of the defrost cycle.


Damaged Door Gasket

The freezer gasket seals the freezer chamber. A cracked, damaged or simply not airtight gasket will lead to warm humid air entering the freezer. This may significantly rise the temperature within your appliance. Moreover, it will lead to increased frost build-up that will further diminish your freezer’s cooling capacity.

freezer door gasket

Freezer Repair in Denver

Are you looking for a professional and affordable freezer repair? In this case, you came to the right place! Here at Denver Appliance Pros, we repair all residential built-in freezers, regardless of the refrigerator type that you have. We work on all major refrigerator brands including the high-end ones like Sub-Zero and Viking.

Our service area covers the city of Denver and the surrounding area – including Aurora, Littleton, Englewood, Lakewood, Arvada, Thornton, and other towns!

We do understand that the lack of proper refrigeration may affect your ability to cook a proper family dinner. Therefore, we offer same day service for those customers that require urgent repair! Alternatively, if you have a busy schedule we can set up an appointment on Saturday.

Our services are covered with a 1-month warranty for labor. If we had to install or replace additional parts, we can offer an up to 5 years warranty on parts!