Ice Maker Repair in Denver

What can be better than a cup of a refreshing cold drink on a hot summer day? Ice is a somewhat crucial residential commodity, especially once you get used to cold beverages! Even then, we have noticed that many Denver citizens just give up on icing their drinks once they realize their ice maker is broken instead of calling us about our ice maker repair services.

Yet, we are glad to inform you that while ice makers do tend to break more often than other refrigerator parts, a professional technician can repair your ice maker relatively quickly. Of course, sometimes it may be necessary to replace your ice maker entirely, but this kind of repair also tends to be somewhat affordable.

Here are some of the most common ice maker repair problems:

  • Ice maker not making ice
  • Ice maker is leaking water
  • Water dispenser is not working
  • Ice tastes or smells bad
  • Ice maker makes too much ice
  • Ice maker is freezing over
  • Lights are not working

Ice Maker Not Making Ice

Among all the possible problems with residential ice makers, this one is the most common. Unfortunately, an ice maker is a complicated part of any refrigerator, and there may be multiple reasons leading to this issue.

Broken Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve regulates the water supply in the ice maker. The valves are electromagnetically operated, which means that the problem can be caused either by a mechanical issue or by a lack of continuity within the part itself. A malfunctioning valve will most likely cut the water supply from the ice maker or the water dispenser.

It is worth pointing out that sometimes the problem can lie in the insufficient external water supply as well. Call your ice maker repair technician to help you determine what is going on.

ice maker water inlet valve

Clogged Water Filter or Fill Tubes

The role of the water filter is to remove contaminants from the water. Unfortunately, the filter might become clogged up over time and significantly reduce the water flow within the ice maker, that may cause some issues – in particular, an insufficient amount of ice.

Ice Maker Water Filter

Malfunctioning Ice Level Control Board

Some ice makers employ ice level infrared sensors to determine the amount of ice within the machine itself. A malfunctioning sensor or the control board will efficiently interrupt the work of your appliance. Luckily, it would be enough to merely replace the malfunctioning parts, and you would not have to replace the whole ice maker.

ice level control board

Ice Maker Assembly

Unfortunately, not all the parts in the ice maker assembly can be replaced independently. Moreover, sometimes the assembly can become deformed, or the electrical short might disable several assembly components at once. Therefore, sometimes it may be necessary to substitute the whole assembly.

icemaker assembly

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Water Dispenser Is Not Working

Below are some of the most common reasons your ice makers water dispenser stops working.

Faulty Dispenser Control Board

The control board is responsible for efficient work of the appliance. In case one or several electronic components in the control board fail, the water dispenser might stop working completely. There is no easy way to diagnose this problem, so we would suggest inviting a professional technician for proper control board diagnostics.

ice maker dispenser control board

Faulty Door Switch

Water and ice dispensers will to shut down if you open the refrigerator door. The door switch is located within the refrigerator door and it sends a signal to your ice maker indicating that the door is closed or open. A faulty or burnt door switch may send an open signal to the ice maker continuously, effectively turning it off, even in case the appliance itself is working properly.

door switch

Ice Maker Makes Too Much Ice

Below are the most common reasons your ice maker could start making too much ice.

Malfunctioning Shut-Off Arm

Ice makers employ various ways of determining if the ice mold is full – but the shutoff arm is so far the most simple and widespread way to do it for ice makers that are located in the freezer. A broken or detached arm may lead to the ice maker not receiving the signal that the ice mold is full. In this case, the ice maker will continue making ice indefinitely. Call us and we’ll send out one of our professional ice maker repair technicians right away to fix this issue for you.

ice maker shut off arm

Broken Shut-Off Switch

More complex ice-makers may use infrared sensors in order to determine if the mold is full. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to access or diagnose the shut off switch or the control board. The shutoff switch might have corroded or burnt due to the short. This can get complicated. If you don’t feel confident in doing this on your own, call your local ice maker repair technician for help.

ice maker shut-off switch

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