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Why Is My KitchenAid Stove Burner Not Lighting

KitchenAid stove with double oven

Why Is My KitchenAid Stove Burner Not Lighting

If you think about it, the burner is one of the most important parts in any gas stove, range, oven or cooktop – whether the brand of your appliance is Kenmore or KitchenAid, Maytag or Wolf. Burners are normally exposed to significantly high temperatures and wear. Of course, a brand new KitchenAid stove, oven or cooktop will serve you for many years before you notice first signs of wear or any other kind of faults. Even then, there’s no need to consider replacing your appliance once it starts malfunctioning – the damaged parts can be swapped and the problem – easily fixed.

It is important to point out that many older stoves utilize pilot lights for lighting up the burners. We do not analyze these stoves in detail in this article. Either way, the first thing you should do if your pilot light burner is not lighting is to check if the pilot light is lit.

WARNING! Make sure to unplug your appliance and turn off the gas supply before disassembling it.

Common Problems with Burners on KitchenAid Stoves

If the spark module is making a clicking sound and you can hear the sound of the gas flow, you may have to check the burner itself. Sometimes, especially when it comes to older KitchenAid appliances, a misplaced burner or a misplaced lid will prevent the electrode from producing a spark. In this case, you can simply check if the burner is seated properly and if the lid is located in the exact position where it should be.

If your electrode fails to produce a spark, the problem can be more difficult to diagnose. It is generally recommended to call a professional technician, but it is still possible to conduct a repair on your own.

KitchenAid stove front view

Problems in the Spark Ignition System

A spark ignition system consists of two stages. The spark module generates high voltage current that is needed for producing a spark. A spark electrode is located close to the gas flow. Spark module sends high voltage current to the electrode in order to produce continuous sparks at the rate of 2-4 sparks per second.

Spark Ignitor ICM295 for KitchenAid

Spark Module

If the spark is too weak or not continuous, there may be a defect in your spark module. Make sure to check the electrode before replacing the spark module, especially in case there are no visible signs of damage on the spark module itself.

KitchenAid burner assembly with an electrode


Visually examine the electrode and make sure it is free from the food debris and residue that prevent the electrode from forming a spark. Test electrode’s connection to the spark module with the multimeter.

Problems with the Glow Bar Igniter

Some modern stoves, ovens or cooktops use glow bar instead of the spark module in order to light the gas. If your glow bar is glowing with dull red color whenever you turn it on but remains cold and fails to light the gas you probably have to replace your glow bar igniter.

Glow bar ignitor for KitchenAid burner

Control Board Malfunction


One of the most complex issues to diagnose and repair is a fault in the control board. If all other parts of the igniter work flawlessly and there are no problems with the gas supply the problem may be related to faulty controls or the control board. In this case, it is recommended to visually examine the board and see if there are any signs of burn or physical damage.

KitchenAid stove control panel/board

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