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Why Is My LG Washer Making Loud Noise?

LG Washer & Dryer

Why Your Washer May be Making Weird Noise

Loud noise and occasionally vibration are one of the most frequent problems that our customers face with their LG washers. Of course, it is important to point out that these problems are not unique to LG appliances – they can be encountered with nearly all brands. Still, LG washers are known for their high reliability around the world. Even a broken LG appliance will serve you further for many years after repair. By following the tips in this article you might be able to narrow down the problem and receive a ballpark estimate of the possible repair cost in order to make a more educated decision on whether you would want to repair your appliance or replace it with a new unit. It is also important to point out that while we may help you with finding the source of the problem, the issue may end up being more difficult to diagnose than it seemed initially and your appliance may require professional washer repair.

Common Causes

Bearing for LG washer's inner tube

Tub Bearing

The washer’s inner drum has one or more bearings that make it spin smoothly. Unfortunately, tub bearings tend to wear out over the time and loud noise may indicate that you may need a new bearing. We strongly advise our readers against replacing the bearing on their own since bearing replacement requires disassembling the whole washing machine and may be rather problematic for inexperienced users.

Disassembled drain pump motor for LG washer

Drain Pump Motor

The washer’s pump drains water from the tube during the spin cycle. A strange noise coming from your washing machine during the spin cycle may indicate that there is a problem either with the pump or with the pump motor. Another indicator of a pump problem is obstructed drainage. Most of the time you will need to either clean your drain pump or replace the part entirely.

Shock absorbers for LG washers

Shock Absorbers (Front-Load Washer)

Shock absorbers are designed to reduce vibration in the front-load washer – these parts are attached to the inner tube and the frame of your washing machine. Most of the time these parts are incredibly sturdy, however, damaged or misplaced shock absorbers will result in loud clanking noise.

Drive Belt for LG washers

Drive Belt

If you hear the squeaking noise as the drum agitates, the problem can be coming from the worn out or burnt drive belt. Sometimes a piece of the belt can split which may cause a loud noise when the drum is agitating. Keep in mind that if you do not replace the belt on time it may tear and prevent your washer from working for good.

Suspension rod for top-load LG washers

Suspension Rods (Top-Load Washer)

Suspension rods are used in top-load washers for centering the tub, reducing friction and reducing vibration. Damaged, worn out or misplaced suspension rods will fail to dampen the vibration that will result in loud clanking noise whenever the washer’s inner tube is agitating. It is important to point out that this problem may often occur after the incorrect reassembly of your washing machine after the repair.

Do you still need help with your appliance?

We would like to warn you that it is important to plan appliance repair in advance, before the problem worsens or before you face an actual emergency. A damaged drive belt might tear, entirely preventing the drum from agitating. A damaged tube bearing will eventually require you to substitute the whole tube, making repair far more expansive than getting a new appliance.

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