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Why Won’t Your Viking Stove Igniter Stop Sparking

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Why Won’t Your Viking Stove Igniter Stop Sparking

A Viking stove is the kind of appliance that tells you that its owner takes cooking seriously. Viking Range LLC is a well-known brand of iconic gas stoves – sturdy, professional-grade appliances that can fit in any residential kitchen. Still, despite the fame of this high-end brand, your Viking range may start malfunctioning eventually – especially if it lacks proper maintenance. One of the less common, but certainly rather annoying problems is when the igniter starts sparking continuously but never stops – not until you unplug your stove entirely.

Luckily, most of the time these problems are not too hard to diagnose!

Most Common Problems

Faulty Spark Ignition Switch

Viking Spark Ignition Switch

Spark ignition switches send electric voltage from controls to the spark module. A damaged or shortened switch may be sending the voltage continuously, even if the user releases the controls in some Viking stove models. Please keep in mind that one of the most common issues is a short caused by water that gets inside of your Viking switch. If it was indeed the case we recommend unplugging your appliance (or turn off the breakers) and cleaning the appliance, including the knobs and the area under the knobs, preferably removing the moist with the hairdryer.

Problem with a Control Board

Viking Control Board PE070786

Unfortunately, Viking control panels are traditionally vulnerable to electrical shorts. Only a few years ago Viking LLC had to recall several thousand ranges with improper control panel isolation that resulted in Viking stoves turning on spontaneously. Sometimes it may be enough to remove the external cover of your range and check if there is no moisture over the control board. Make sure to unplug your appliance first! If you do find the moisture, carefully clean the board with a dry cloth. If you see the signs of burns on the part you might have to replace the control board altogether.

Problem with a Spark Module

Viking Range Spark Module

Viking stoves often have several spark modules, which are connected to several spark electrodes at once. A failed – damaged or shortened spark module may send the voltage to the electrodes continuously – in this case, you might experience this problem in several, if not all, burners at once. We strongly recommend testing the spark module contacts with the multimeter before replacing this part.

How to Replace the Spark Module

  • Move the stove away from the wall. Unplug your Viking stove. Make sure to locate the gas line and shut down the gas supply.
  • Remove the back panel from the stove. Refer to your range schematic, which can be found here. Remove the back panel. You should get access to the spark module now.
  • Locate the spark module. Note down, and preferably make a picture of the wiring of your spark module.
  • Unscrew the terminals and remove the wires. Remove the screws and take the spark module outside. Examine the module for visual defects or burns. Test the terminals with the multimeter and make sure you locate the problem before you decide to replace it.
  • Snap the new module into place. Connect the wires to the terminals and screw the module in place.
  • Try briefly plugging the stove back and test if the spark module works correctly. Don’t forget to unplug the stove again before you continue assembling it back!
  • Put on the back cover and push the stove back into the original position. Turn on the gas supply and plug the stove back into the electric outlet.

Viking Range Cutaway View

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