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Kenmore Electric Oven Broiler Is Not Working

Kenmore oven broiler element

Kenmore Electric Oven Broiler Not Working?

DIY Repair Tips and Guidelines.

Electric ovens became a regular part of American kitchens since the 1930s. They are extremely useful kitchen appliances used for many purposes: roasting some meat, baking bread and cakes, heating different foods, and even drying of a substance. Usually, we take for granted all conveniences that oven gives us until the moment when it breaks down.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

One of the most common problems is that the broiler does not work. In this case, you can try to troubleshoot the appliance by yourself using the tips below, or contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians.

Tips to Get Your Oven Broiler Working Properly:

Check the broiler for any visible breaks or blistering

Defective oven broil elementWhen you select the broiling function, the oven control allows voltage to travel to the broil element, closing the circuit and causing the element to heat. If the element fails to glow red, then it is likely that the component has burned out. You can determine if the element is burned out by doing a visual inspection for signs of breaks or blistering. If you notice any defects in the element, it should be replaced.

Check the broiler heating element for continuity

Checking the broiler element for continuityIf you have inspected the boiler visually and determined that everything is ok, then check it for continuity using the multimeter. Before attempting any repairs, disconnect power by unplugging the appliance or turning off the breaker to the oven. Next, remove the broiler from the oven and disconnect the wires to the element. If your multimeter has the option, turn your meter to the continuity setting. If the element is good, you will hear an audible beeping noise. If the element is bad, the multimeter will not make any noise.

Possible Causes of Your Oven Broiler Malfunction:

Loose or burnt oven wire connection

Loose wire connectionA loose or burnt wire connection could also be responsible for the broiler not working. The broil element power supply wires will commonly burn out near the heating element and will appear visibly damaged.

Faulty temperature control sensor

Faulty temperature control thermostatThe temperature control thermostat regulates the broiler temperature. When the selected temperature is reached, the thermostat will shut off the voltage to the element. This cycle repeats throughout the cooking process to maintain the proper temperature. If the thermostat is defective, the broiler may not work at all until the thermostat is replaced.

Malfunctioning oven control board

Oven control boardThe control board is responsible for sending voltage to the broil circuits according to the user settings and sensor input.  When it is malfunctioning or defective, the oven may bake but won’t broil.

According to the test from the CR website, Kenmore Elite 95052 electric oven with a broiler does a great job when searing a pan of nine burgers and inspecting how evenly they turn out. Unfortunately, over time any kind of oven could become malfunctioning because of many factors. We have specified the most common faulty parts, that may cause the oven not to heat up when broiling, but there are many other ones as well. No matter what kind of problem you experience with your oven, our highly qualified technicians are capable to fix all of them. Do not delay! Call us (844) 944-2557 today!

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