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January 17, 2018
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Kenmore Refrigerator Is Running Constantly

Kenmore Refrigerator Repair Denver CO

Is your Kenmore refrigerator running constantly? Here is how to fix it.

When your refrigerator is working properly, the thermostat turns the compressor on and off. New Kenmore refrigerators models should be running from 40-80% of the time, depending on temperature settings and how often the doors are opened. If your refrigerator does not stop at all, a refrigerator repair service technician visit might be required. Call us to schedule a service appointment!

Follow these simple tips to get your Kenmore refrigerator working properly:

  • Check the freezer temperature

temperature controls If you chose the coldest settings, it will cause the refrigerator to run much longer. To prevent this issue, set the freezer temperature between 0 and 5° F.    
  • Clean the condenser coils

condenser coils If the condenser coils are dirty, it will prevent the coils from properly dissipating the heat causing the refrigerator to run constantly. Unplug your refrigerator, pull it away from the wall and use a vacuum to clean the coils from debris. Clean the condenser coils at least twice per year or more often as needed.      
  • Check the door gasket

door gasket When the door gasket is worn, the refrigerator will run longer and harder to maintain normal interior temperatures and humidity levels. Defective door gaskets can also result in the evaporator coils frosting over because of warm moist air entering the refrigerator.      
  If you have followed all the tips above, but your Kenmore refrigerator is still running constantly, repair technician visit might be required. To schedule a service appointment, please contact Denver Appliance Repair Service.  

Things that might be causing the issue:

  • Malfunctioning defrost heater assembly

defrost heater assembly If the defrost heater assembly is defective, the evaporator coils will frost over, restricting airflow and causing the refrigerator to run constantly.    
  • Defective defrost thermostat

Defrost thermostat If the defrost thermostat is defective, it will not be able to sense the temperature of the evaporator coils and will not turn on the defrost heater. In its turn, it will cause the frost build up on the coils. Eventually, no air will be able to travel through the coils to provide cooling.    
  • Failed evaporator fan motor

fan motor The evaporator fan motor circulates the cold air from the evaporator coils through the freezer and refrigerator compartments. If the evaporator fan motor is defective, it will cause the compressor to run excessively.      
  • Malfunctioning condenser fan motor

fan motor The condenser fan motor draws air over the condenser coils to cool them. If the refrigerator runs constantly, there might be something caught in the condenser fan motor blade, or the condenser fan motor might be defective.        
  We gave a succinct overview of the most common things that might be causing the refrigerator to run constantly, but there are other parts that could be at fault as well. Do not hesitate to call us and schedule a service appointment!   According to research from saving electricity website, the refrigerator’s compressor runs 9,6 hours per day on average. So, the percentage of time the compressor runs would be 9,6 h/ 24h = 40%). If your refrigerator is running all the time, it may significantly increase electricity consumption. Do not waste your money and time, contact Denver Appliance Repair Service team to schedule an appointment.   Call us today!